Peter & Zelda travel so you don't have to!Travels With Zelda is not so much a travelogue as it is an adventurelogue.

Oh, sure, Zelda and I are in Mexico, traveling, but as an informative source, it severely lacks. There is little historical information. There is no information on train schedules, car rental rates, best places to eat for under $50, which restaurantes take American Express.

There is no Kohlsaat four-stars hotel rating system. Any information is apt to be grossly practical: how to catch your supper, what dirt roads to avoid, desert survival tips, how to avoid getting thrown in jail, how to get out of jail, techniques of evading moray eels, best ways to exit the water without being turned into hamburger. Readers will meet characters, oddballs, goofs, and people with stories to tell. If I am successful in my writings, the reader will hopefully feel a sense of freedom, share the intrigue of what lies around the corner, and perhaps see how one can flee the demands the Modern World would like to place upon us all.

I would like to thank: Rob Levine of Grip Software, whom without, none of this would be remotely possible, Reid Johnson, Jody Cox, Dave Ayers, Fredrick Hartray, Gary and Dianna Busk, Sally Daniels, Jim Wolcott, Jerry Hale, Dale Kovar, Denny Newman, Emery Jeffreys, Duane Madison, and Colleen Clark.