All over the world people have swapped rooms for rent, services rendered, auto repairs, dental work, medical care, and what have you for Kohlsaat fish clocks. Now for the first time they are available to the public, no strings attached.

Each design is exclusive Kohlsaat art, signed, and personally retouched by the artist. It is permanently affixed under clear plastic, of a 6" round, cheap plastic, battery-driven wall clock. A miniature fish is attached to the second hand and goes 'round and 'round and 'round. For years people have been telling me there is a market for these clocks. Now we will see.

The cost is the ridiculously low price of $49.95 (plus handling, shipping, retouching, and general fooling around.) For orders or more information please email me. Thank you and may time be on your side.

        Click on the clock for a larger view

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