Travels with Zela, Cabo '98
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Hotel Senor Manana Posada

Travels with Zelda Cabo '98

Magical Baja

If you want to find some snow...

Macho, macho man

Goat route

Nothing fancy

Just boppin' around the Baja
Just boppin' around the Baja

On the road to Cabo: Bahia Concepcion

Hanging out at the Iguana

The cow on the road - was it an omen?

Love too much, care too much, hurt too deep

As you can see, any guy can get a girl if he's got a Harley

There are those who fish...and then there are guys who FISH. Paco is one of the latter.

Prez Ja - the sweetest 14-foot aluminum boat that has ever been dragged across the sand

Even though Terry caught the fish, I was proud to be photographed with it.  With another two months having Prez Ja, I hope the next photo of me with a marlin is a marlin I caught.

My new office

Old timers: They sure do know how to fish! The van in typical camping mode, this time at the beach at Los Frailes

What was once a very utilitarian nine-foot shore casting rod was now a pathetic, unaesthetic stick

Howie and Zelda on the briny for a day of not catching fish

The Baja is a mecca for all cow-obsessed dogs

Unnatural elements were still coursing through his system. Rocks, he told me, were all looking like shark teeth

It was Marcos' fish, to bring in or lose.  I would content myself to sitting in the bow, smoking a cigar, a witness to the theater

For four years Bobby has been trying to get me to rent one of his pangas, telling me, You will catch fish

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Travels with Zelda, Cabo '98
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