Out West '97

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Travel Talk

Some of the e-mail received during the OutWest trip:

Peter Kohlsaat
Friday, August 1, 1997
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Your responses to my trip

"So far, am enjoying the TWZ page. Love the animated cartoons."
Jane Armstrong

"Great job about the Bitterroot Star."
Marjorie Crawford

"What the hell do you think you're doing? You think you're on vacation? No! Your job is to provide me with cheap entertainment"
Your man Montgomery

"We were staying at the Yellow House attached to Blue Ribbon Flies while you had your adventures in the Madison River Valley. My husband was George's friend you mentioned in your article. I got your web site address from George, and I've been reading and very much enjoying your articles on the net since. I especially enjoy (and apparently, share your feelings about) the "Rush to Nowhere" segment! We shared a copy of your article about Hwy 287 with George via fax through Blue Ribbon Flies. Good luck with the rest of your trip! We share your feelings about the beauty and uniqueness of Montana and its people…it's a wonderful place!"
Gay Wood
El Paso, TX

"Enjoying your travels and your nifty animations."
Cathy Irvine

"It is very entertaining, by the way. For me, it's kind of like getting a daily email from you, so I forget you're writing for the masses. .. The writing is always wonderful… I'm enjoying them very much… Keep 'em coming."
Catherine Ludden

"Great dispatch. I betcha that trout tasted damned fine, especially since you had to work for it. Why is it that some foods (watermelons, apples) taste *better* when you steal them, and others taste better when you've had to drag your balls through a few miles of broken glass to get them. Anyhow, nice post."
Thomas S. Montgomery

"I'm really loving reading about your trip, lost fishing poles and (nearly) Zelda and all. I guess traveling vicariously is the next best thing."
Jim Peterson

"Like your WEB SITE! It is TOTALLY COOL! It is fun to watch every day. I like the way the cartoons are animated (car driving off into the sunset or Zelda moving her head in and out of the car) I also like the red boxes. It must be hard to come up with creative material every day."

"Great work. i can't read it every day but love it when i can take half an hour and catch up. loved the photo of the van camp site."
Stanford Hill

"Been following your trip. It really has been fun. I quickly settled into the rythm(sp?) of the thing and look forward to checking up on you every day or so. And not just cuz I know you. The personal stuff mixed with the local color is very effective. Good art choices, too… Hope all goes well, with the exception of whatever disasters, freakish accidents, and tragic Acts of God that would make for a good anecdote."
Steve Sack

"Just to tell you your site is great. I've been looking at it almost every day, and I think it's very cool that you can do this while you're on the road."
Posada Sr. Mañana

"Lovely to see the heart and soul poured on. Must be well to be so equipped and think you are kind of pulling it off. Hope against hope that you made up the story today about the guy crawling away from the grizzly--so pynchonesque if made up- so?"
ed fitzgerald

"Today's story had me crying before I got to the end....thank God Zel isokay...what a night that must have been."

"I must say I'm impressed with the site and can see this thing's potential now much clearer than before. It's a great concept and a great web site. Your stories are good and will only get better I'm sure as more adventures in more adventurous areas take place."
Arnie Hamel

"What I want to know is how can a guy who travels for a living forget his tent? I can see forgetting your collapsible drinking glass. I can even see forgetting your mess kit. But your whole damn tent? I've really been enjoying your reports, and I'm glad Zelda returned. Good luck with the bugs."
Greg Howard

"Hi - I've really been enjoying your "Travels with Zelda" via the Duluth News Tribune on the net. The only thing I wish you'd mention more is how Zelda is doing on this trip and how she's enjoying it. Nice pictures, tho. Fun finding something like this on the Internet. Thanks."

"The site is working great. I love the cartoons changing frames. The photos come through very sharp and the narratives are really good. However, the night with the mosquitoes sounded truly hideous. so, so far, we desk-bound types don't have to feel too jealous. Especially me. I'm headed out for dinner by the pool, a quick dip on a balmy evening, and a little play time with the puppy."
Catherine Ludden

"Your story is not believable. No intoxicants? We need a bit of Hunter Thompson to balance the dog."
ed fitzgerald

"Can't believe you're getting paid for this."

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